How I Eat

After recording all my food eaten on one day in Week 1 for the tutorial Homework, it confronted myself to think more about what and where the food is coming from. I figured from my findings since I ate at restaurants a lot I actually didn’t know much about my food. So I decided to investigate foods from my Homework entry, which recorded foods on the 11th August 2016, which was a Thursday and a day of university.

What I ate first was a bowl of Pesto Pasta that my dad made the night before. Since we didn’t have the ingredients at home he went to Woolworths. The items he bought from Woolworths include the Fresh Artichokes, Woolworths Select Pine nuts, Barilla Orzo Pasta, Barilla Pesto Sauce, Lurpak Unsalted Butter, Campbells Chicken Stock and homebrand salt and pepper. The other items such as the Fresh prawns were from the Sydney Fish Market and the Basil leaves from our garden.

I also started researching the brands of each ingredient and discovered that the Woolworths Select brand and the Home brands are both owned by Woolworths. Home brand also is only cheaper than Select brand, because they import most of their products overseas and the labour overseas is cheaper, they can still earn a profit by exploiting overseas workers. Companies can exploit cheap labour by using the same can of foods and relabeling it and selling it for a higher price. It’s the curse of Private label, as mentioned by David McKinna in the video.

Barilla is another brand we used in the Pesto Pasta, I found on the website that the Orzo pasta was made from Semolina, Ground from Durum wheat grains. Durum is high in protein and gluten than any other flour and the natural colour of durum endosperm gives it the bright yellow colour. Christopher Wanjek mentions in his article the positive effects of eating Durum type pasta;

“Its naturally strong gluten content prevents starch from leaching out quickly, and this in turn leads to slower digestion, slower release of sugar into the blood, and a greater feeling of satiation”

and also Stephan Yafa also states about Durum wheat;

“By inhibiting the conversion of starch, gluten and extrusion lower your glycemic index… Any assigned number over 50 on the GI  signals a food or beverage that makes your insulin work overtime and that can trigger obesity. Pasta comes in from 25 to 45, depending on the type… Our problem is that we eat too much pasta at one sitting, way too fast, without walking it off”

Therefore eating Barilla’s Orzo Pasta’s use of Durum isn’t unhealthy, but instead the use of over salty and unhealthy toppings and excess eating makes it unhealthy. This is a interesting find and debunks the idea of pasta being unhealthy. It also reminds me to consider more about what I am eating.


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