Day on a Plate

Morning Coffee –

At my local coffee shop, the Penny Royal Cafe, I order a large soy flat white. The soy milk in the coffee is Bonsoy, a dairy milk alternative made in Japan. It is very high in protein as it is made mostly from golden soya beans . Other ingredients listed on its label include filtered water, organic golden whole soya beans, tapioca syrup, hate mug, sea salt and calcium carbonate.

The production of this particular soy milk is considered somewhat superior to other soy milks as its production method has been perfected overtime. However, it is essentially a more specified version of one of two methods for making soy milk; firstly, the whole beans are soaked, heated and then crushed to extract the milk which is then mixed with water, sweetness, oils and salts (Burrell, 2014). Bonsoy is considered particularly good for you as it refrains from using additional oils, which lowers the level of saturated fats in the milk, while still remaining high in protein and B vitamins (Burrell, 2014). The main flaw with this type of soy milk unfortunately is that it is low in calcium (Burrell, 2014).



Pressed Juice –

Over the course of the day, I had two Cold Pressed Juices from a local store in my suburb. The two I tried were Earth 5 which contains carrot, orange, pineapple, celery, lemon and turmeric as well as a Macha Moodshake, including cashew milk, banana, coconut yogurt, spinach, chia seeds and nutmeg.

The Cold Pressed Juice company uses Australian and locally sourced produce as it is considered fresher and more nutritious while also being a good marketing draw from health conscious consumers. This produce is thoroughly washed and refrigerated before being cold pressed into a liquid and instantly bottled for sale within the following twenty-four hours. There is research that says without the use of heat, the nutrients and emzymes are preserved (Pressed Juices, 2016).

Pressed Juice Customer Experience,

Deliveroo –

After working all day, Deliveroo was the perfect solution for dinner. After moving from New York City to London, the “foundeRoo”, William Shu, found it hard to get good quality food delivered to his home so he started this home delivery service with the “mission to bring the world’s local restaurants” to dining tables and conference rooms across the world (Deliveroo, 2016). Having only been started in 2013, Deliveroo has already “become one of Europe’s best-funded start ups” highlighting that food has certainly become a multi-billion dollar industry (Fedor, 2016).

With UberEats and MenuLog joining the food delivery market, Deliveroo has vowed that their focus on food makes them a superior company. When expanding earlier this year, the company started a program called RooBox which “restaurants access to additional off-site kitchen space for fulfilling delivery orders” (Fedor, 2016). This means that they can fill orders without having to expand their delivery zones which is inline with their “no-compromise approach to quality, [having] brought the kitchens closer” as described by founder William Shu (Fedor, 2016).


Lindt Excellence Roasted Almond –

This particular lindt chocolate bar is made from at least 47% cacao and also includes sugar, almonds, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin and flavouring. Despite being marketed as dark chocolate, often considered a healthier option, it is clear from the nutritional label that it isn’t as healthy as many diet cheat sheets would have you believe.


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2 thoughts on “Day on a Plate

  1. Food Delivery services are a very interesting new innovation that I think will grow in the future. They add to the “experience” of eating. There is something more exciting about using one of these services over just a regular Pizza or Thai delivery. Although the novel will wear off, the growing separation between the preparation and consumption of food means that people will be more drawn to convenient methods of eating


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