Food Applications in our Smartphones

Technology has evolved the way we access, eat and experience food in a way that we take for granted now. Smart phones have become so ingrained into our society and have changed the way we interact with food, since we now have different types of applications that allow us access to recipes, stories, pictures and ordering systems in one platform.

As mentioned in the article Thomas Lee recommended us to read by Robin Slogan, he talks about different ways he obtained his lunch through his smart phone. The applications he mentions is Sprig, Josephine, Grubhub and Seamless. These applications all deliver food to their customer through applications or text messages. It’s a new concept that has recently bloomed due to our lifestyle choices of living alone and working overtime.

The Application, Josephine, as Slogan mentions in his article, “A text message arrives bearing a street address.” uses the smart phone’s basic form of communication. Compared to Sprig, Seamless and Grubhub, which has an entire Application that you can browse, order and get delivery from. These applications are more professional and make better use of the smart phone features such as GPS and the application system.

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Slogan remarks too on the future of delivery applications, “The ambition is clear: Sprig in every city, with longer menus, better ingredients, faster delivery. I can see them: the drones dropping lamb kofta from the sky.” This broadens the possibilities of food delivery for the future and maybe with the perfection of robot maneuvering and speed, our food might even be delivered fresher and faster then we could imagine.

Josephine, Sprig, Grubhub and Seamless, despite their differences, both use our advance smart phone technology, which connects us to new and innovated new ways to engage with other people through food. With further development the future of food delivery could be reformed with drones and become a social norm in our society.

Smart phones now also have other applications that allow home chefs to improve their cooking skills with new recipes and tools that help improve the quality of their food. It modernizes the way home cooks and pro chefs discover and organise recipes, create shopping lists, organize menus, calculate their meals and overall improve the nutritional value of their food. A current popular application tracker currently is “The personal Diet / Food Print Diet”, by Nutrino which is also available in Android and IOS. It allows the user to reach your fitness goal or weightless plan through tracking and monitoring the correct food intake in regards to your personal tastes, health and goals, other dietary needs, and even your physical activity throughout the day.

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This application already has advanced dietary technology but if things were to be taken further, as mentioned in the article by Victoria Woollaston where future technology could track calories and nutrients, things would become even more personally equip to maintain the health and well being of each individual.

Therefore our technological evolution in the smart phone has revolutionized the way we eat and made food more accessible and customizable then ever before. Eventually if we keep going at this rate, new technologies will become so inter grained into our society we might reach a point were people are the perfect embodiment of health and obesity will become a thing of the past.


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One thought on “Food Applications in our Smartphones

  1. Perhaps the growth of smart watches will tap into these innovative interfaces. Many smart watches can already tell us how many calories we are burning and can track our heart rate, so maybe the future will include the linking of this information to a meal plan, or even a meal preparation service, which tailors meals to our daily needs.


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